São Miguel
São Miguel
São Miguel

With an unmatched flavor, it is ideal for snacking, to put on salads, pastas, ...creativity is the limit!

Since the beginning of the settlement of the Azores, with the arrival of farmers from Northern Europe, this excellent cheese from the island has been produced. São Miguel Island chesse is a traditional cheese apreciated by true cheese lovers. Its long period of aging, a minimum of 9 months, gives it a unique taste and a guarantee of superior quality that puts it in the showcase of special cheeses.

São Miguel Island cheese is known by many as the "black rind cheese", it is a product obtained from cow milk, submitted to fat standardization and pasteurization treatment.

Made by a discontinuous process, in open vat, it is presented as a semi-hard matured cheese. The firm texture, yellowish color with small and irregular eyes spread over the firm consistency paste conceives a strong and clean flavor and aroma.

Formats available: whole, quarters, and sliced and grated.

Single origin products: the Azores

We are producers, we are a Union of Dairy Cooperatives, where we work every day to bring to your table our traditional and genuine flavors from the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge and Faial.