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Nova Açores “Pastagem” free grazing milk comes from cows that graze freely, on the pastures of São Miguel, 365 days a year.

Free cows, who choose their pasture, their time to rest and their pace to ensure a milk of excellence with better lipid, protein and vitamin profiles than conventional milk.

Its white colour, "sui generis" aroma and flavour are so characteristic and special of the Azores region.

Nova Açores “Pastagem” range ensures that all milk comes from farms controlled and certified by APCER, promoting and guaranteeing animal welfare, grazing with natural green grass feed, improved animal health and, consequently, the obtaining of better milk and a greater contribution to good environmental practices.

The range of Nova Açores “Pastagem” milks includes UHT skimmed milk, UHT non-lactose skimmed milk, UHT semi-skimmed milk, UHT non-lactose skimmed milk and UHT whole milk.

We also have UHT Semi-skimmed Milk and its 0% Lactose version in 200 ml format for your convenience and the little ones'!

Produced in the beautiful island of São Miguel, white in colour, with a "sui generis" aroma and flavour.

The milk comes from cows that live in harmony with their environment, which makes them produce the best milk.

Nova Açores Semi-Skimmed Milk UHT is a pure milk, rich in calcium, proteins and source of phosphorus with a low fat content.

While maintaining the genuine flavour of the Azorean milk, this milk allows you to give the best of Nature to those who you love the most!

UHT Nova Açores Semi-Skimmed milk with Chocolate also allows you to enjoy the true Azorean milk with the sweetness of chocolate. The 200 ml format make it easy for you to consume it whenever and wherever you want.

Nova Açores butters are created from the excellence of the nature that surrounds us.

Produced on the beautiful island of São Miguel, these butters are bright yellow in colour, intense in flavour and rich in texture. This is the butter of the Azores, resulting from the best milk from cows which graze in harmony with the nature. Our butters only have pasteurised cream and salt as ingredients, when appropriate.

The Nova Açores range of butter is made up of Nova Açores Gourmet Butter, Nova Açores Butter with Salt and Nova Açores Butter Unsalted.

A product of excellence!

Nova Azores UHT whipping cream is a product of excellence that results from the fantastic milk produced by our cows which graze on the pastures of São Miguel.

Nova Açores range of “Flamengo” cheese is composed by sliced cheese, ball cheese, block cheese and grated cheese.

Nova Açores “Flamengo” cheese, produced on the green island of São Miguel, is a soft, flexible cheese, yellow in colour, made from pasteurised cow's milk. Being a cheese with a milder flavour, “Flamengo” cheese is the most sought and appreciated by the whole family and part of the eating habits, especially at breakfast or snack. “Flamengo” cheese is very similar to the Edam Cheese.

Nova Açores Soft cheeses are created in the excellence of the nature that surrounds us.

Produced on the beautiful island of São Miguel, these are semi-soft, aged cheeses, made from pasteurised cow's milk.

To be eaten sliced, diced or however you prefer, the range of Nova Açores soft cheeses is composed of buttery cheese and cheese with added garlic and parsley, a true aromatic experience.

Produced in the island of São Miguel.

Nova Azores Sliced Island Cheese is a semi-hard cured cheese, with firm texture and presenting a minimum maturation period of 3 months. Genuinely Azorean, it is the only sliced island cheese, with characteristic aroma and flavour, obtained from pasteurised cow's milk.

The fact that it is sliced, only makes it even more unique and convenient, perfect to every moment of consumption. Available in 150 g format.

Single origin products: the Azores

We are producers, we are a Union of Dairy Cooperatives, where we work every day to bring to your table our traditional and genuine flavors from the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge and Faial.