Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy explains the terms under which LACTAÇORES - União das Cooperativas de Lacticínios dos Açores, UCRL processes the personal data of its Employees, Customers and Suppliers, as well as the rights that these may exercise, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - and other applicable national legislation on privacy and data protection.

Privacy and the protection of personal data is one of our commitments, with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

This document aims to establish the rules to guarantee the privacy of all personal data received and retained by the site Lactaçores, following its activities in three distinct areas:

  • Commercial Management and Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology Management.

It also aims to provide a guiding framework for action that makes it possible, on the one hand, to refer to the control and guarantee mechanisms implemented and, on the other hand, to inform of the rights that the interested parties have, in order to promote full compliance with the applicable legislation.

Whenever a data subject provides their personal data, in each of the contexts, Lactaçores undertakes to protect them. The data will be treated confidentially, with its protection, security, integrity and privacy being conveniently ensured, never being sold or made available to third parties.

The Privacy Policy applies to information collected by the following means:

1. Commercial and Marketing Context
  • Contact form of the Site Lactaçores
  • Contacts collected at Fairs and Events
  • External privacy policy for personal data
  • Website cookies policy
  • Website Use Policy
  • Database of bloggers, journalists and magazines

LACTAÇORES ensures and safeguards the protection of personal data of its website users. In processing the personal data collected during your visit, the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), with entry into force on 25 May 2018, are fully complied with, scrupulously complying with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The data collected is intended only for internal processing of information and has in view the provision of the products/services advertised, as well as the continuous evolution of the quality and excellence of our products/services. Under no circumstances or at any time the data provided by you will be disclosed to third parties. However, Lactaçores may share data with public authorities without the knowledge of the owners in compliance with legal or judicial obligation.

Visiting our website does not in itself imply the collection of personal data. However, there is a set of computer data that is automatically collected in each access, as better described in this text. There are, however, several areas of the website that require personal information from the user in order to be accessed, as well as some services that require this information to be provided. The request for collection of this data is always made clearly and unequivocally.

The following is a description of the type of data we collect, the processing to which they are subject and their usefulness for the products/services we provide. At the end of the text you can also consult the rights you have with regard to information, correction and deletion of data.

1.1 Internet access data

When accessing our website, a set of computer data can be automatically collected. This data is temporarily saved in specific files and is also automatically deleted after a certain period of time. The collection of this data has purely technical and statistical purposes, such as connection configuration, system security, technical administration of the network and optimisation of our website.

The data to which we refer are as follows:
a) IP address of the requesting processor;
b) Date and time of access;
c) Name and URL of the downloaded file;
d) Volume of data transmitted;
e) Identification data of the browser software and operating system;
f) Website from which you accessed our website;
g) Name of the Internet service provider.

1.2 Consent to the use of personal data

The use of some of the services on our website presupposes the provision of personal data and their processing. Lactaçores will only use these data when they are provided by their holders, only for the purposes for which they have been provided and always with the consent of their holders, which shall be given with the act of providing them. We specify below the services referred to and the type of data processing carried out.

1.3 Contact Form

If you wish to contact Lactaçores directly through the website, you must fill in the form provided for that purpose. You will be asked for some personal data (name and e-mail address). The collection of these data is intended only to make it possible to respond to your contact with a minimum of personalization, not being used for any other purpose. It is also possible to contact Lactaçores directly by other means indicated in the "Contacts" link.

1.4 Security

Lactaçores has invested in technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data collected against inadvertent or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Your personal information is stored on secure networks, in encrypted files that can only be accessed by a limited number of persons who have special access rights and undertake to respect and maintain the confidential nature of such information. Notwithstanding these measures, when you provide personal information on the Internet, there is always a risk that it may be intercepted and used by third parties outside the control of Lactaçores. Although we make every effort to protect your personal information and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide over the Internet.

1.5 Acceptance of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy

By using our website you implicitly agree to the use of your personal data in the terms described above.

2. Employment Context:
  • At the time of admission
  • During your contractual relationship with the employer
  • Lactaçores institutional website
  • Job advertisements or spontaneous applications, with a view to applying for a job, keeping your application active and available for future professional situations
  • Social Networks
  • It also applies to all the information you share with the employer personally, by SMS, e-mail, letter or other means of correspondence

Use of personal data
In accordance with a policy of ethics and rigour, all the companies in the Group are guided by total respect and confidentiality of the information to which they have access, whether personal data, strategic, financial or other information, which our interlocutors share with us with a view to providing a service or participating in projects on the basis of mutual trust.

The Privacy Policy states:

  • What information is collected and for what purpose
  • The storage and sharing of data
  • How long information is kept
  • The basis for processing personal data
  • The rights regarding the data collected
  • Data encryption

Type of information collected and its purpose
We collect only the information that is necessary for the operations carried out and it is kept only for the period of time strictly necessary.

For recruitment processes, we will ask for data such as previous work experience, education and issues relevant to the open opportunities. We may in certain situations need additional data.

Conservation of personal data
Personal data is received, in each context, following the different operations carried out in Lactaçores. These are accessed only and exclusively by professionals who, within the scope of their functional responsibilities, work with personal data.

In each department there are security procedures for the physical control of data.

The automatic preservation and control mechanisms, backup copies generated daily, the retention of information in external and secure servers, are aspects that guarantee the security, the strict and necessary use of personal data entrusted to us.

Periods of conservation of information
Personal data, after consent, is retained for the period strictly necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained. If the holder exercises the Right to Forget about data which have a legal obligation to store, any use of the data will be suspended, but we can only delete them once the legal period for retaining them has expired.

Basis for processing personal data:

Legitimate interest
When the processing of the data corresponds to a legitimate interest on the part of Lactaçores, such as, for example, the possibility of contacting potential interested parties in a specific job offer. In this circumstance, it is necessary to ensure the reading and approval of this Privacy Policy and the consent to treat the data after the first contacts.

Implies prior consent expressed in a free, specific, unequivocal and informed manner - in writing or by validating an option by electronic format.

Data subjects' rights:
The holder of personal data has the right to transparency, information, access, rectification, erasure, limitation, notification, objection, portability and not subject to automated data decisions. To ensure security in the process proof of identity is required to ensure confidentiality.

Right to transparency, information, access, correction and erasure

The holder of the data may, at any time, access the data which they have provided us with, request correction or alteration, whenever this is justified, and we undertake to comply with this within a maximum period of 30 days.

The right to erasure is also recognised, so that personal data will be erased within the aforementioned period from the date of the request, provided that there are no valid grounds for keeping it, such as complying with a legal obligation.

Right to restrict processing
Whenever the interest of the data subject about a certain process is obtained, we are ensuring the right to restrict and object to the use of data and other personal information held by Lactaçores

Portability of personal data
The data subject has the right to request Lactaçores to send personal data to another organization, without incurring costs.

Data Protection Officer

LACTAÇORES is carrying out the necessary procedures in order to guarantee the safe processing of data and in accordance with the legal requirements for data processing and has appointed a Data Protection Officer with whom you can contact to address questions related to the protection of personal data through the email address: or by letter addressed to the address of the registered office of LactAçores, located in Largo das Arribanas, Arrifes, 9500 372 PONTA DELGADA about the data policy as described above.

Conservation of Personal Data

The personal data collected and processed by LACTAÇORES shall be preserved for different periods, according to the purpose for which they are intended and taking into account the legal criteria, or while the contractual relationship is in force.

Your rights

Under the General Regulation on Data Protection, our Employees, Customers and Suppliers have the right to request LACTAÇORES to access, rectification, portability, limitation, opposition and deletion of their personal data without, however, compromising the lawfulness of the treatment performed until then and without prejudice to the existence of other legal grounds that legitimize the treatment in question.

Without prejudice to the above, a complaint may be filed at any time with the supervisory authority - Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados, regarding the processing of your personal data.

It is the responsibility of the National Authority - the CNPD, to receive complaints from the holders of personal data.
If you wish to exercise your rights, you may do so to the following addresses:
Largo das Arribanas - Arrifes
9500-372 Ponta Delgada