**We are** producers<br />
A Union of Dairy Cooperatives

We are producers
A Union of Dairy Cooperatives

Lactaçores, Inspired by the Nature
Lactaçores, Inspired by the Nature

Azores, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, from where the nine islands that make it up emerge. Green islands, where Nature reigns, where you breathe fresh air, where you feel there is time.

That time, accumulated over years and centuries, made us learn to care and respect our animals and the environment, passing on knowledge from generation to generation, and thus to be able to share the best that Nature gives us.

We are producers, we are a Union of Dairy Cooperatives, where we work every day to bring to your table our traditional and genuine flavors from the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge and Faial.

Mission, Values and Vision
Mission, Values and Vision

Being able to give the best of Nature in the Azores to those we love the most is what we are looking for.

We know that the respect we have for animal welfare and for the nature that surrounds us, allows us to create products that have unique and unparalleled flavors that, when tasted, transport us to their origin, where we walk the paths of the islands dotted with hydrangeas and we come across cows grazing freely in the green pastures that surround us.

All our products are the result of continuous work and a total commitment to what we do, involving countless people from production to marketing. We do not neglect quality, whether in our internal and production process, or in the final result of our products that provide a fantastic experience to the palate. We have a long history, dating back to the distant days of the Discoveries, but we do not neglect innovation while maintaining the tradition of doing good.

The Origins

Our origin is unique: the Azores, this paradise that fills our imagination and allows us to have such characteristic dairy products.

It was with this in mind that in 2004, LactAçores was created, uniting several Azorean Dairy cooperatives and working in synergy to highlight our origin, so unique, so special.

Unileite (São Miguel island), Uniqueijo (São Jorge island) and CALF (Faial island) joined together and formed LactAçores, which sells the products of the three member cooperatives, such as milk, cream, cheese and butter.

Our origins are our Cooperatives, with their producers, which allow us to have fantastic raw materials and which enable us to have unparalleled quality products.

Just as we are keen to share who we are, where we are from, how we respect animal welfare and Nature, we are also keen to ensure that the quality of our products is a constant and that in every sip of milk, every slice of cheese and with every bite of bread with butter, the best of Nature in the Azores gains another dimension.