Ilha Azul
Ilha Azul
Ilha Azul

It's in the summer that we can understand why Faial was named the blue island of the Azores.

 It is at this time that the fields and roadsides across the island are filled with dense mantles of beautiful blue hydrangeas, forming a magnificent setting.

And it was to honour the island, its people and all the surrounding beauty that the Ilha Azul brand was created, carrying with it the essence of this so beautiful island.

Ilha Azul salted butter is the result of the best milk, which comes from cows that graze freely. It is a typical Azorean butter where the only ingredients are pasteurized cream and salt. Its discontinuous manufacturing process gives it a more characteristic flavour and unique texture.

Ilha Azul Flamengo is a cheese with a soft paste, flexible, of yellow colour, made from pasteurized cow's milk.

Being a cheese with a milder flavour, “Flamengo” cheese is the most sought and appreciated by the whole family and part of the eating habits, especially at breakfast or snack. “Flamengo” cheese is very similar to the Edam Cheese. The range of Ilha Azul “Flamengo” cheese is available as cheese as a ball, block and sliced cheese.


Ilha Azul Soft cheeses are named as the island where the milk that gives them their unique flavour comes from.

Soft cheese Ilha Azul are semi-hard ripened cheeses, made from pasteurised cow's milk. To be eaten in slices, cubes or as you prefer. The range of Ilha Azul cheeses is composed of ripened cheese with or without paprika and buttery cheese.

Single origin products: the Azores

We are producers, we are a Union of Dairy Cooperatives, where we work every day to bring to your table our traditional and genuine flavors from the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge and Faial.